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Multi Purpose Instant Adhesive Kit

A Double component cyanoacrylate adhesive use for mdf profile corners and multi purpose use all any kind of surfaces, laminate board fixing, mitre bonding, and kind of inhouse fixing applications, hobby works and all purpose of furniture manufacturing bonding applications. Bonds two sides in 11 seconds with using the accelerator spray.





Shiny Surface Adhesives

A special product which is produce as a buthyl cyanoacrylate. Suitable for bonding on PVC and laminated surfaces. Takes only 20 seconds for total bonding without using accelerator spray. A special formulated adhesive may bond PVC to PVC, metal to wood and laminated surfaces.






A single component easy applicable acetoxy based silicone. Can be used on glass surfaces, general bonding applications, kitchen, bathroom and sanitary applications. Keeps its natural colour akk time. UV protected. Stable flexibility after fully dried and odorless. Strong resistance for high and low temperatures.








Poliurethan Foam

A single component montage kit curries with oxygen. Bonds perfectly on most of construction materials. Gives high thermal and acustic isolation. Outstanding dilatation capacity and high montage bonding. Used on door and window panel stabling, filling the gaps between panels, isolation on electric wires and water pipes, all roof applications as a sealand and noise cancellation isolation applications. Proof on climate conditions, salt water and steam. Can be sand an paint.






Membrane Press Adhesive

A double component water based poli-urethan adhesive. Used as a membrane pressed for PVC folio and mdf wood works. Specially formulated for high temperatures. With its unique colour, applicate easily and customise usage.





Transparent Framework Adhesive (D3 Wood Glue)

A special adhesive for bonding massive woods. Suitable for furniture sceleton bonding. High resistance on humidity. Transparent colour. Anti-bacterial. Contains anti-freeze ingredients.








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